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Located at 550 8th st SW (across from Family Video)

New Beginners Class Starts 5pm OCT 6th, call today to reserve a spot!

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EMOM x 32 mins
cycle the following sets of weakness'

5 HSPU, or pullups.   choose which ever your worst at
10 burpees AFAP or dubs if you do not have them.  if you have dubs...then you must do burpees
15 cal row
20 slow air squats (focus on form not speed)



Run 1 mile
 155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
 Run 800 meters
 155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
 Run 1 Mile

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OPTIOANL SKILL WORK for those wanting it....
6x6 Front Squat


Hey PCF!!!!

We have finally announced our Masters Competiton!

It will be held at our gym on Dec 6th.  it is 4 partner style WODs for 40+ athletes.  Grab your spouse, Grab a friend, we have 3 different divisions for you to enter.   male/male, female/female or COED!


we have already had a few people inquire about volunteering or judging and we will be placing a sign up sheet out for both so be on the lookout.   thanks to all our members, we are anxious for this event. 

Adam and Mandy








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